Scratchers have many uses!

Everybody wants to feel like a winner. Your product or service is being directly associated with these positive feelings from a winning scratcher, even the smallest prizes are effective. Does anyone really throw away a winning lottery ticket, even for a buck? So why would they throw away a winning scratcher from your business or event?

New Business: Set a precedent with the perfect grass-roots promotion to entice new customers.

Existing Customers: Use scratchers to increase customer frequency and average purchase amount.

Business Cards: People will actually keep your card and remember you and your business.

Off-Peak Times: You can customize your scratcher so it redeems during slow periods of the day, week or year.

Referral Programs: Take “word of mouth” marketing to a new level by letting your customers distribute scratchers.

Mailers: Tired of getting small returns on your direct mail? A winning scratcher is hard to throw away.

Website: Scratchers are a great way to direct traffic to your site with special incentives just for the web.

Shipping: Send out a lot of orders? Place scratchers in the box for a great rate of return on re-orders.

Events: From community events to sporting events, scratchers create that buzz you need among your competitors.

Tradeshows: Attract potential customers to further learn about your products and services, while creating a database for new prospects.

Employee Incentives: Use scratchers as an incentive for employees to maintain a high level of work and/or customer service.

Safety Programs: Use scratchers as an incentive for employees to maintain a safe work environment.